Jehoshua (Shuki) Bruck

Group Members

Farzad Farnoud (Hassanzadeh)

Yue Li

Eyal En Gad

Wentao Huang

Siddharth Jain

Distributed Information Systems Group

Our group is pursuing research in information theory and systems and the theory biological networks. Specifically, in the area of information theory and systems, we explore data representation schemes for multi-level flash memory as well as for novel substrates. The recent developments of rank modulation and floating codes are representative examples of this work. In the area of biological networks, we study the computational power of stochastic chemical reaction networks and how they relate to more conventional models of computation. In addition, we develop mathematical abstractions to enable the analysis of stochastic biological networks; specifically, generalizing the notion of logic design to probabilistic logic design we consider relay circuits where deterministic switches are replaced by probabilistic switches.

Research in the lab is supported by the National Science Foundation, Caltech Lee Center for Advanced Networking and the NSF Expeditions in Computing program that is funding the Molecular Programming Project.