Scuba Diving Trip to Farnsworth Banks, Aug. 7, 2004

Paul, Jay and I went out on the "Great Escape" out of San Pedro for a scuba trip to the backside of Catalina Island. The intended dive site was Farnsworth Banks, a pinnacle about two miles from west shore of the island. Unfortunately, when we arrived a group of free-divers had grabbed the spot, and positioned buoys so that our boat could not anchor. We moved to another spot called Pinnacle Rock. In our first dive, Paul and I followed the anchor line down to about 90 feet, swam around the pinnacle and then returned. It was cold, and the visibility wasn't great, and my mask was fogging.

For the next two dives, we moved to spot called Whale Rock. We didn't dive nearly as deep, bottoming out at around 55 feet. The visibility was decent, and there was plenty of kelp and grass to swim through.  We surfaced from our second dive around 12:30pm. Our third dive almost didn't happen: the captain had decreed that we would be pulling up anchor by 1:30pm, and we really had to scramble.

This was my first time using my new Sony Cybershot camera. The video mode consumes memory voraciously, so I had to delete movies and pictures on the fly to make room for more. Unfortunately, I may have inadvertently deleted some of the best ones, including a movie in which Paul – the subject – was frantically trying to tell me – the camera-man – to turn around, since there was a huge sea bass directly behind me.

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