Lake Isabella Windsurfing Trip, Oct. 8 - 10, 2004

After participating in countless (ok, five) club windsurfing trips to Lake Isabella over the years – all organized by the grand master, Branislav Kecman – I promised to take the initiative to organize such a trip myself this year. I postponed the trip until very late in the season, finally settling on the second week of October.

The response to the mailing was very strong. In the end, 19 people participated in the trip: Pawel, Robert and Dima; Jason and Smarada;  Dave and his girlfriend;  Jonathan and his brother; James and his girlfriend; Ming-Shr, Dang and Yu-Jiu; Erika, Rachel and her boyfriend; Gaylord; and myself. Everyone except for Erika, Gaylord and myself were either in the "first time" category or else the "tried it once or twice but really have no idea how it's done" category.

As expected, the weather was reasonably warm  Contrary to what was expected, the wind was surprisingly strong on both days, especially Sunday afternoon. The wind is the reason why we drive all the up to Lake Isabella (it's a 3 hour drive, located in the Kern River area in the south-western Sierras).  However, there is such a thing as too much wind, at least for people less experienced than Branislav. Several people had to be rescued after being blown to the center of the lake.

I wish that I had taken more pictures – at least one of every person. We should have a designated photographer next time.

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