Mt. Baldy,  May (!) 21, 2005

I assumed that May 7 would be my final day of skiing in the local mountains for 2005. However, Kevin came to visit a couple of weeks later. The Mt. Baldy resort website promised that they would operate if people showed up and that the coverage was still good. We decided to drive up for a few hours of spring skiing.

We were there before the opening at 8:00am, and the resort people seemed surprised (I suspect that they were hoping that no one would show up and they could go home.) They let us on the access chair, but then made us wait over an hour before allowing us to board the Thunder Mountain chair. Kevin and I took advantage of this time to hike part way up the mountain and fashion a small jump.

The skiing was good – a little slushy, of course, but not ridiculously so .We skied until noon and then drove back to Pasadena. 

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