Mammoth over Memorial Day Weekend,  2005

Memorial Day trips to Mammoth have sort of become an annual tradition. There's camping, hiking, fishing and hot springs. With over 600 inches of snow this year (good grief – that's 50 feet!), spring skiing promised to be good.

  • We drove up late Friday night in two vehicles: Paul's Jetta and Vince's RV. We struggled to find a campground in the Lone Pine area. A helpful ranger directed us to a neat spot on BLM land off of Onion Valley Road, a few miles up from Independence.
  • Saturday morning we visited the famous Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains on the eastern side of Owen's Valley. Saturday evening we hit some hot springs and then drove up to the Sherwin Creek campground near Mammoth and camped there.
  • Sunday and Monday we skied until mid-afternoon and then hiked and bathed in the hot springs afterwards. There were attempts at fishing in the Sherwin Lakes, but alas no fish were caught.
The cast of characters here are myself, Carolyn, Paul, Lena, Vince and Margaret. In addition to my pictures, see Vince's pictures and Lena's pictures.

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