Moving (2005)

Getting ready. That's a big roll of bubble wrap, a smaller roll of the wrap they wrap suitcases in at Ferihegy, and a bunch of boxes, not yet folded and taped.

A view of the fireplace.

Who made this, and when??

While cleaning up, I was constantly finding things like a lego block or a marble or something else that belongs to a big set of stuff. Eventually I put all those sets out in the open, with their lids off, so whenever I found something I could just toss it back where it belongs.

After cleaning out the area behind the door, even the puzzle-map of Europe had all its pieces once more!

Things are starting to be in boxes instead of on shelves.

I got all the pink toys together so they could share a box.

In the big closet in the back room, a found something I didn't recognize -- maybe curtains?

Here's a close-up. Is it ours or does it stay with the house?

You got a card from the library saying a book is overdue. Do you have any idea what book it is, or where it is? I wonder if it's the one I stuck in the big box that I sent to you.

Here's some more.