Moving (2005)

One of the first things I did was take all the stuff off the walls. It took forever. Adam's wall:

Andy's wall:

Evi's wall:

Emm's wall, almost:

You can see some furniture has been taken out of the kitchen. Lots of shoes, though. Since we don't get to see Emm's wall, here's an extra picture.

Then some big sofas had to go.

Even the giant toy box had to go.

Then the kids table was in pretty bad shape. First I glued the leg back together, leaving it in the vise overnight. Then I redrilled the holes and screwed it in using the other side of the wood.

But the top of the table was still nasty, so I made that nicer too.

By the way, what is this?

It was in the back room closet.

Speaking of the back room closet...

I cleared out its floor.

I also took out the bed.

And then the TV and the files. Also, the table had to go, but it was too heavy.

When I got some help, the table went away too.

Then there was just a bunch of stuff left on the floor.

Eventually I got the rest of the stuff out of the closet.

Really, totally empty!

And a long time after that, everything from the room was gone.

I also cleaned out the hall closet.

The bathroom is packed too, but I don't have a picture of it.

In our bedroom, I also took out the beds, leaving just some stuff on the floor.

And eventually I cleaned out the closet, too.

And then a long time later, everything was gone.

Here is a picture from early on, before any of the furniture left.

You packed quite a lot of clothes!

Another project: Before packing these extra blanket parts, I sewed up their raw edges.

The bedrooms, closets, bathroom and hall are completely empty now, except for the occasional spider.

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