Hi There!

One day I was driving along, and a stork started flying along right in front of me. I stopped the car to see what was going on, and the stork said "Here you are!" -- I barely had time to lift my arms and catch what the stork dropped to me before it flew away!
Stork Surprise Delivery
A baby! We decided to keep him and call him András Timothy Cook.

Little did we know what changes he would bring in our lives...
András has taught me and Éva many things since then...
Eva on a camel
He's taught Éva how to ride a camel...
Eva with the pyramids
... but he didn't teach me how to fit both the camel and the pyramids into a single picture!
Matt and the tail of a downed plane
He's shown me how wars cause people to worship death and destruction.
Eva in a most desolate place
He's taken Éva to mountain ranges that surely didn't need any visiting.
Matt playing a conga
He's taught me how to play the congas. (I'm a little hard to see, behind the white shirtless guy.)
The front of what was the house
He's shown me what it's like to come home and find that your house has burned to the ground. (This is the view of the front of the house. The front door was just to the left of the chimney. But now, if you enter, you'll fall to the lower level.)
The back of what was the house
This is the view of the back of the house. The fireplace, visible at the bottom of the chimney (next to the front door), used to have a living room in front of it. This house still has a fireplace and a nice view, but now that's about it. I don't live there anymore.
Eva driving a hovercraft
He's shown Éva how to drive a hovercraft.
model hovercraft in parking lot
And he's shown me how to build a model hovercraft...
hovercraft model over lake
...that works on land or water.
Andras with Newsweek
But most importantly, he's taught us how to treat a baby right!
Here's Andras!
We sure are glad he dropped in!