After last winter's limited success, Marc and I were determined to ski Baden-Powell this year.
It looked like there was a decent amount of snow, so we gave it a shot.

(6:00 am) Heading out from the Saga. It still feels like 9am to me, but poor Marc is on
Pacific time so he's feeling the full pain of being up before sunrise.

(7:13 am) After taking a ride on "The New 210" we arrive within sight of our destination.

(7:14 am) Panning out a bit, it seems like there's plenty of snow up there.

(7:47 am) We've got our gear assembled and ready to go.

(8:37 am) Marc at the 10th switchback.

(9:35 am) More than half way there at switchback 20.

(10:13 am) It's always strange hiking through snow and looking out on the warm desert.

(10:23 am) Panning around near the top. On the left is Marc and the way we came up. In the
center is Baldy. To the right is the peak of Baden-Powell.

(10:55 am) At the summit, with gear and beer. Time to celebrate.

(12:13 pm) There wasn't much snow at the top. There was about half a foot of light snow the
entire way up, but it didn't get any deeper at the top, unfortunately. I made the most of what
was there with a quick summit descent.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

(12:16 pm) There weren't many people up here, but a few others made the ascent.

(12:18 pm) One of these days I'll get to ride down this in fresh powder. After last season's attempt with
frozen spring conditions and this attempt with lightly dusted dirt, the need is building.

(12:19 pm) And yes, Marc is going to do it, too, whether he knows it yet or not.

(12:47 pm) Marc found a nice "ski trail." Well, it was a trail and he skied it anyway.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

(12:47 pm) Rounding the corner.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

(2:13 pm) Down near the bottom the snow was slowly melting away, but there were still patches.

(2:43 pm) Looking over to Baldy, pondering whether it has deeper snow than Baden-Powell.

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