The crew, ready to head out from the Glacier Point Parking Lot. Left to
right: Zander, Greg, me, Tasha, and Angie.

Soon after we started, we saw a bunch of deer along the trail.

Our destination. First, we must descend to the top of Nevada Falls, and
then we loop around to the far side of the Dome before ascending.

On top of Nevada Falls with Zander.

On the far side of the dome, we're ready to ascend to the top now. First,
there's the climb to the base of the cables (the first mound behind me),
and then the cables lead you to the top.

Rush hour on the cables. We took the "outside" route, climbing to the
right of the cables and people. Farther up, we weaved through the masses
to make our way to the summit.

A nice little ledge with an amazing view of the valley below.

I'm not sure who was more scared...Angie and I, or the rock climbers
directly below us.

At the summit, looking out on Yosemite Valley.

Putting the zoom lens to work.

Coming back down the cables. The traffic wasn't quite as bad, but it was
still a lot better going on the outside. The rock was rougher, giving
better traction.

Looking down along the cables.

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