Kincaid's wedding was fun but I forgot my camera, so here are some pictures from Heavenly.

Stew surveying Mott Canyon.

Marc makes the double diamonds look easy.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

The three A's -- Adam, Alex, and Angie.

A view of Lake Tahoe.

Angie ready to descend.

Stew almost getting some air.

A rare patch of fresh snow.

There were some nice little jumps near the bottom of Sky Express.

Stew launching.

Carving down to Sky Express.
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Adam (red), Alex (black), and Jason (white), descending.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Jason causing trouble at the lift.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Jason cruising down the mountain.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Stew heading down at the end of the day.

The three A's again.

Waiting for the shuttle to the lifts -- Angie, Johnny, Marc, Jason, Van, Kavita, and Adam.

A large part of the crew -- Marc, Kavita, Marcey, Adam, Van, Jason, Susan, Johnny, Lee, and Angie's butt.

There's always one person who just has to bend over while I take the picture.

Stew and Kincaid heading up Mott Canyon.

Panning over Mott Canyon.

The bottom of Milky Bowl, looking out over the desert.

Angie and Adam heading up Groove Chair for one last descent to the base.


Angie coming down The Face.

Heading down through the trees.
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