I had been watching Hurricane Isabel for about two weeks, anticipating the
good surfing it might provide for the coast. However, things took an ugly
turn when a high pressure system pushed Isabel south and west, eventually
pushing it onto land and through the DC area.
Thursday night there were some flickers of electricity on and off, some
howling winds, and some rain. Friday I went for a walk to assess the
damage. The view down my street doesn't look so bad.

A little farther, we see some evidence of an unusually strong storm.

Some traffic lights were working, others weren't. The one at Seminary and
Beauregard wasn't, but there was a policeman directing traffic.

Nearing IDA, another large tree branch has fallen.

The trees between IDA and CNA have quite a bit of fallen debris.

This tree didn't quite make it.

Neither did this one.

After a local survey, I headed out to the beach and saw some more
impressive damage, mainly by flooding. After crossing the Chesapeake Bay
Bridge this unfortunate town was submerged.

Another picture of the unlucky ones. Further on there were boats that were
sitting on land after being tossed around in the wind and left where the
floods sent them.

Some more flooding, although this clip doesn't really capture it well.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

A cute puppy.

After over 4 hours of driving, the ocean! Looks like some good surfing.

Looking down the coast, the waves were a good size, but it was pretty windy
and choppy. I was hoping saturday would be cleaner.

Now, the challenge...I tried to call Mike to come and drive me back to the
house, but reception was bad. So I decided to see how well my car worked
as a boat.

Success! The water came within an inch of pouring in through my door, but
that's as deep as it got.

Looking down the street the way I drove in.

The backyard of the house usually has grass out to the back of the boat.

It's hard to tell what's a road and what's a canal. (The road is all the
way to the right, the rest is canal).

Arriving back home, I took a tour of Falls Church and saw some interesting
sights. It's a shame when bad things happen to good people.

It's amazing and unfortunate how well the tree is lined up with the house.

Look at the effects of the storm on Brad's cat -- a missing leg and a
hideously large tail. Oh, the tragedy.

OK, the cat was already like that before the storm, but it was a pretty
impressive storm.

More cat pictures.

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