The Caltech Alpine Club did a couple trips to go ice climbing. The first
one visited June Lake and Lee Vining. With the unusually warm February weather,
those of us in the second group spent both days at Lee Vining. We didn't get to
see as much ice, but we did get lucky with good climbing conditions.

It's a nice sunny saturday morning as we arrive at the base of our hike.

Starting our hike up the canyon.

Farther up it got steeper and narrower.

To the left, we see our destination.

Making our way closer.

The group (front to back): Mark, Zander, Trish, Fred, me, and Angie (taking
the picture).

Angie and Trish on the final traverse to the staging area.

Relaxing in my freshly dug home.

Some pictures of the ice from our new home.

Mark inspects Fred's crampon before the climb.

Trish gearing up.

More pictures before the climbing begins.

The belayers, hard at work.

Doug Nidever (our guide) sets up the first rope as Zander belays.

Doug prepares to place the first screw.

Building a bigger home.

Looking back to camp from the base of the ice.

It was a nice day for the most part, but once in awhile the wind would pick
up and blow snow around. When you're on the ice, you just have to put your
head down and wait it out.

Back to work, until the next gust.

Some more pictures of our first climbs:


Me again.

Fred, ready to go.

Some pictures of Mark nearing the top of a nice little climb.

Fred admiring the icicles as Doug climbs up to give some advice.

Fred makes his way up.

Mark finishing a nice climb.

Mark hacking away at the ice. After a nice chunk fell, he decided not to
temp fate, and headed up to the left of the curtain.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Fred on a nice section of ice.

My final climb of the day. At the top, I stopped and got this picture,
looking down at Zander belaying me.

Looking to the right.

The view from the top of my climb.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Zander using the shovel to get back down the easy way.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

At the end of the day saturday the wind died down, and as we descended the
weather warmed up. On sunday, the air stayed calm, but became colder.
Overall, it was another nice day.

Zander and Fred surveying the new longer, steeper climbs ahead of us.

Doug setting up the route.

Looking back down the canyon.

Zander ready to climb.

Fred's turn.

Angie and Mark back at the belaying station.

Making my way up.

Trevor, our bonus guide for the day, demonstrating the finer points of
anchor construction.

Some nice icicles.

Fred doing a nice climb.

Back at the belaying station.

Trevor coming back down.

Zander's turn.

Zander on the other route. I belayed Trevor earlier in the day when he set
this one up. Finding the anchor in the ice proved to be not a simple task.

Angie's turn.

The top of my favorite climb of the weekend.

Angie just couldn't get enough pictures of Fred on this ascent.

Some pictures of my final climb.

A couple MPEG's. Climbing up was getting boring, so I decided to find a
nice easy pitch to climb down.

Back to pictures.

Some more MPEG's. I'm the guy in the back that bungees in the second and
third movies.

An attempt to piece these MPEG's together into one full-length movie.

Hanging out toward the end of the day sunday as Trevor makes his way up.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Our group, almost ready to head out.

Trevor is so good he doesn't even need any ice.

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