After watching the wave forecasts for almost a full year and seeing only
tiny 1-2 foot swells, a good one was finally on its way. The forecast was
for 6-9 foot waves. However, at 8am saturday morning the beach in Delaware
was completely flat, with just some small "waves" gently lapping at the
shore. Down in Ocean City the waves were bigger, almost *too* big -- we
had to visit 3 surf shops before we found one that would even rent a board
due to risks of breakage (boards and/or bones). K-Coast was cool, though,
and even rented me an epoxy board (not the dreaded foam or plastic).

Some pictures of saturday.

It was kind of choppy, but still ridable and fun.

I think that's me, still adjusting to the new board -- a 9'2" giant. It was
great, but a bit longer than I was expecting, and it took some time getting
used to its slow turning.

The lineup saturday. Sunday was better, with no wind, glassy conditions,
and some solid sets still coming through -- not the type of day to waste
time taking pictures.

Surfing tends to work up an appetite.

Attempting to add some color to my desk-job induced whiteness. Wearing a
wetsuit for a weekend in the sun will do some strange things. I had nice
tan lines around my wrists and neck on monday.

Mike will eventually convert from a boogie boarder to a surfer, but it
won't happen overnight.

Salt water and sand in the ear can often be solved by brute force.

More Pictures