Some pictures from Indian River Inlet.
Saturday morning didn't go as planned. We all went out and had some nice
rides, but then Nancy got a good knock in the head and Erik took her to get
her scalp stapled back together. Mike and I waited with the stuff and did
some tailgating to pass the time.

Mmmm...turkeyburgers, veggieburgers, and hotdogs. What kind of supermarket
runs out of hamburgers and expects to stay in business? My first
experience with a veggieburger might just be my last after this weekend.

On sunday we expected epic 4-6 footers after camping through a
thunderstorm, but it didn't quite pan out that way. Nancy, Mike, and Erik
waiting for some waves.

Erik riding the SoftTop, and Mike about to catch the wave on Moe.

I handed the camera off to Erik and he caught this nice shot. In the
foreground was Paul, one of the older and better surfers out for the day,
and I'm right behind him, with Mike in yellow in the back.

Mike catching one.

Mike standing.

Erik passing by.

Nancy on Olivia. Olivia seems to be a much better match for Nancy than
Betty was. Nancy caught and rode her very first wave with Olivia.

Our Indian River friend.

Mike trying out the rental board.

Betty who?

Erik giving Moe a try.

My turn for some fun.

Cruising by Mike for a close-up.

This wave actually never broke, but I got a nice long ride out of it.

Mike's freshly shaven head and Moe sticking out of the wave.

Party wave...Erik, Mike, and Paul.

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