With hurricane season dying down and the air getting cooler, the surfing
season of the mid-Atlantic seems to be coming to an end. Amazingly, the
water is still hovering around 75 degrees, so the key is to just stay in
the water. Of course, neoprene is still a necessity. Mike braved the
coldness in his shorty for awhile, but this was more of a fullsuit day.

I recall a saying that starts something like, "Red sky at night, surfers'
delight..." and sure enough after this sky saturday night, sunday turned
out to be a good day.

There's lots of dead stuff at the beach, but that didn't stop us from
getting in the water.

The waves and the crowds were pretty small sunday morning.

With a gentle off-shore breeze the conditions were nearly perfect when the
waves actually came. Having a wave all to myself is pretty nice, too.

They were sometimes deceptively weak, though, and I found that I had to
be careful not to lose them.

Eventually we got a good crowd, which made catching the few good waves a
bit more difficult.

I almost got this one.

I think that might be me on the wave.

Didn't catch this one, but it's no great loss.

It was flat for awhile, but then the big waves came. They were pretty
infrequent at first, but came more regularly as the day progressed.

Now, the most painful part of the day, removing the wetsuit. Although the
water was warm, the breeze turned into a dry wind, and instantly evaporated
any water on exposed skin. Warm wet skin quickly turned to cold dry skin.

After rinsing the board it's time to relax in the sun.

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