The surfing last weekend at Indian River Inlet was so great that Mike and I
decided to give it another try. After a night of windy and rainy conditions in
our tents, we weren't so sure conditions would be so good this weekend.

The camping was great, right in the park at the beach. We were in the "Old
Camp" where all the fishers hung out. Overflow camping is the way to go, for
future reference, since it's quieter and on the side of the inlet with the
good surfing.

A pan of Indian River Inlet from the south side. Our camp site was on the left
behind the bridge, and the surfing was just behind the jetty on the other side
of the bridge.

The campsite was just big enough for a truck, two tents, and a picnic table.

The view of the surfing. Not too many people out, and not the greatest
conditions, with a stiff onshore wind and choppy waters.

This was the start of "Bike Week" in Ocean City. On an unrelated note, there
was also a triathlon going on saturday morning. Later we went into OC and saw
(and heard) the real "Bikes" -- more Harley's than I'd ever seen in one place.

Mike catching a wave on the boogie board.

A video.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

A nice horseshoe crab carcass.

Heading back sunday, a view of the Chessapeake Bay Bridge from the east side.

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