Walking around DC during a break from ISIT 2001.

The monument was closed, so no nice pictures from the top.

Checking up on Bush.

Gratuitous White House pic.

It was really hot that day. We all lay down by this pool near the Capitol
to rest. As I lay back, I got this nice view.

The ducks knew how to keep cool.

What a nice bridge.

Checking out the zoo, just up the street from the hotel.

Some kangaroos.

Why bother having ducks at a zoo?

The exotic "gray squirrel" in its natural habitat.

Looking for babies.

Too much pink. How can the ducks stand it.

Bongos are cool.

A lazy evening for the red one.

Speaking of lazy...I hear these guys can run fast, but I have yet to see it.

You don't want to know what these two did after I took this picture.

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