Some pictures from ISIT 2002 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Angie at Encounters, just before my flight departed.

My last meal in the U.S. for awhile.

Interesting ceilings...

...and walls.

A jolly good landing at Heathrow.

And then on to Switzerland. The view from my hotel room in Lausanne.

Looking the other way.

What a tiny TV.

Looking toward the balcony.

They must have found a sale on this carpet. It was everywhere.

Lihao, Saleem, Massimo, and Venkat in front of the hotel.

Could we split the check eight ways? And all use credit cards?

Walking to the morning ISIT talk.

Lihao, Saleem, Massimo, and Shuki at the awards lunch.

Another lunch picture.

And another.

Me, Andrew, and Yindi.

Massimo on Lake Geneva.

Me at the lake.

Looking at the art of some crazy people.

Looking through some prints.

One of my favorites. The artist lives near LA now, strangely enough.

Even in a landlocked country, we managed to find a surf shop.

Serious discussions at ISIT.

On thursday, the sky cleared up a bit and we could see the mountains.

Looking toward the lake from just outside the Beaulieu.

Walking through Lausanne.

These things seem to be popular in Europe, although I've seen a few in the
U.S., too.

The line-up of motorcycles and scooters.

Swiss public transportation was very precise, accurate to the minute.

The site of our first lunch in Lausanne.

Near the Cathedral, heading back to the hotel.

Looking toward the Cathedral from the hotel.

Saleem at the hotel, sleeping off some jet lag.

What is this stuff? Fried apples? coconut puffs? Where's the Sushi?

Waiting for food was more like waiting for Godot.

Shuki, me, Massimo, Lihao, and Andrew -- past and present Paradise people.

Mario and Grace playing with the digital camera.

What a nice looking couple of "friends."

The lake at night.

Massimo and Jeremy, ready to get some pizza at Mario's.

The Cathedral at night, a bit blurred.

Pink spotted carpet and metal jail-like bars. The Swiss are better at
watchmaking than hotel interior design.

Saleem at the train station in the early morning.

Me, waiting for the 5:41 train, which arrived (of course) at exactly 5:41.

Some views from the train.

A glimpse of Mont Blanc?

Sunrise on a tall snowy peak. I'm guessing this is Mont Blanc. Compare to
the three peaks just left of center to those in the postcard below.

A postcard of Mont Blanc from Geneva.

Looking to the north from the airport.

Looking down as we leave Geneva.

A view of the coast.

Turning to the north, we get a nice view of Lake Geneva and Geneva.

The curvature of the earth is an interesting thing. To get back to LA, we
flew over northern Canada, reaching more than 65 degrees north latitude.
Here's a view of the ice floating in the ocean off the coast of Canada,
just west of the southern part of Greenland.

A bit inland, there were lakes and strips of snow everywhere.

As we headed west and south, we crossed over Hudson Bay...

..also rich with floating ice.

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