Some pictures from ISIT 2003 in Yokohama, Japan.

Crossing over into Asia...Japan's eastern shore.

Lots of rice and small houses.

This hotel room had the most densely packed electronics of any room I've
been in, partly because it had a lot of electronics, and partly because it
was tiny.

Apparently there aren't many Japanese over 6 feet tall. I had to bend over
to use all the mirrors.

"The Tower" at night.

Yokohama the next morning, from Massimo and Raul's room at the Navios.

An attempt to combine the previous two pictures. For some reason, the
merge program cuts off the tower.

Massimo and Raul with the strange-colored cubes.

Yokohama and the cubes.

The famous Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Looking over at Yokohama from the end of the port.

This was a very interesting place. A skateboarder's dream.

We got some funny looks from the locals.

Yokohama again.

Going down to explore the port.

Walking around in the park.

A cute (Japanese?) puppy.

I traveled all the way from Washington DC to Japan, only to stay at the
Washington Hotel.

The tower at dusk.

Yokohama at dusk.

The morning commute on the moving walkway. It was strange being able to
look right over everyone's heads. I felt like I really stood out, being
the only person around who's tall, white, and not wearing a suit.

A little taste of home. I preferred the Japanese food, even Matt's famous
"boiled skins."

Walking up toward the Big Buddha.

The big Buddha.

Sitting next to the Buddha.


Inside the Buddha, looking up at the head.

Surf's up...well actually it was pretty weak, but we tried anyway.

That's about as good as it got.

Massimo makes the most of it.

Another attempt.

Looking down the coast.

The longest ride of the afternoon...

...still going.

Massimo with a short ride.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

My turn to put on the rash guard and give it a try.

Not much to ride but I tried.

Waiting for another wave...and waiting...and waiting.

Relaxing post-surfing.

A nice view of the ocean.

Riding the subway in Tokyo later that night.

We got off at Shinjuku and it was impressive.

Lights everywhere, people everywhere.

On to Shibuya, where even Starbucks was impressive.

There were a lot of girls in school uniforms for some reason.

More Japanese school girls, and lots of lights as always.

I can see why the Japanese are so thin. We ordered what we thought would
be a decent lunch, and then ordered another lunch. Combined, they were
almost enough for a meal.

Japanese drummers at the ISIT banquet.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

(AVI, MPEG movie)

A traditional dance.

Bob McEleise, the "Shannon Man."

The Paradise guys.

Heading home, we flew over southern Alaska and northwestern Canada.

Still looks like winter down there.

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