Some pictures from Chicago during ISIT 2004.

Julie, the bull, and I.

A picture of Jynelle taking a picture of Julie on the "free trolley."

Chicago from near the planetarium.

Feasting before visiting the Field Museum.

Looking toward Chicago from Chinatown.

The view from the Marriott, looking at the Intercontinental and the Tribune

Looking toward the city from the end of the Navy Pier.

Looking to the other side of the pier.

The "famous" lion at the Art Institute.

Massimo, John, and Andrew, hanging out by the lake.

A view of Chicago from the lake. and beer.

Same picture, different angle.

Lihao, Yuval, and John at the banquet.

The ceiling was interesting.

Mind the strap!

Lihao actually finished his meal. Others of us didn't do so well.

Lunch with Pope McEleice.

Why would a bug climb all the way to the top of the Hancock building?

A bug's eye view of the city, looking south.

The view to the west.

The Four Seasons hotel.

The view to the north.

Hey, it looks like waves at the beach. Later, Massimo and I went to the
beach and I actually managed to do some bodysurfing in the small waves.

The Navy Pier.

The Ritz Carlton.

The Marriott where we stayed.

The Sears Tower.

My silhouette with the Sears Tower.

The end of the 3rd of July fireworks, from the Navy Pier.

The view from the planetarium.

A jumping dolphin at the aquarium.

Another one (or is it the same one?).

A close-up of flying marine intelligence.

A floating penguin.

A lazy penguin lying on the ground.

A lazy shark lying on the ground.

A swimming turtle.
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