With the weather warming up and the storms becoming less frequent, it was
looking like Mammoth's season would be coming to a close soon. So, when we
saw that a storm would be dumping multiple feet of fresh powder just in
time for the weekend, Marc and I just had to make a trip to experience this
little bit of winter in the middle of spring.

Saturday was cold, windy, and snowy, as the storm was just starting to
clear out. Here, Marc cruises under Chair 5 through the soft, fresh

An attempt at a picture of me. The camera was hard to work, especially for
action shots in a snowstorm.

Marc with the camera work as I get some air.

Another missed attempt.

As I approached this jump, I couldn't really see it too well through the
blowing snow. Even though I landed on my head, the powder was so soft that
it kind of felt nice.

Marc rented some special skis for the day. They were wider and shorter and
helped him to float over the light powder.

Heading over to Chair 22, we decide to test the trails from the top of the
lift. Marc pauses above the "Avalanche Chutes".

Coming down the chutes, I really enjoyed the soft powder.

By late morning/early afternoon, the conditions started to clear up and we
could see the valley below.

Marc cruising down the chute. We liked the snow so much that we spent the
rest of the day on Chair 22.

Another chute shot. The cloud cover helped to keep the snow light and
fluffy all day long.

Marc on the upper section.

We tried to get a picture of me going off this jump, but it proved to be a
bit difficult. The jump is all the way on the right side of the
upper-right picture, just above the center, and the landing is in the
unpictured region on the lower-right.

Marc grabbing some big air off a snowdrift.

Sunday, the weather cleared up, offering clear, blue, sunny skies. Since
the top of the mountain had been closed saturday, there was a huge rush to
get to the top and experience the untouched powder on the steeper routes.

"Hangman's Hollow" was a popular place early in the morning. Since it was
steep and converged to a narrow rock-bordered mouth, it was best skied one
at a time, resulting in a line up at the top of the trail. Marc gets his
turn to descend, heading for the narrow section.

Dropping into cornice bowl was quite a treat. The initial drop was pretty
steep, but just below was some of the best powder we found all weekend.

It was hard to get over the lip, with the wind blowing against me and the
ground sloping away from the drop-off.

The effort was worthwhile, though.

Well, most of the time, anyway. Marc said he saw a guy drop in here, so of
course I had to try it. After losing my edge, things deteriorated fast and
I disappeared in a cloud of snow.

Sliding through the narrow section of Hangman's on my back after another

Just below the narrow section, I took the camera and got this shot looking
over toward Chair 23. I think Marc is in that cloud of snow somewhere.

This was either Hangman's or Cornice Bowl. I'm guessing Hangman's, since
it looks too steep to be Cornice.

Looking down (what seemed like straight down at the time) at Marc, in the
upper mini-bowl of Hangman's Hollow.

True to its name, Cornice Bowl had some nice cornices at the top. Earlier
in the day, the cornice actually connected with the drift below it to form
a little cave. The connection broke, though, leaving a nice spot to relax
with a great view of the valley below.

It was strange to be sitting under a cornice that someone might jump off of
at any time. Unfortunately, no one made the leap while I was there.

Our last run down Hangman's. The upper section was scraped pretty clean by

The only option was to drop straight down and save the turning until the
softer stuff near the bottom of the picture.

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