Summer is finally here. Luckily, the snow at Mammoth hasn't caught on to
this fact yet. So, as part of the Caltech Alpine Club's Mammoth trip, I
had a chance to ride the soft spring snow under clear blue skies and warm
sunny weather.

Marc stands ready to descend Cornice Bowl.

Dropping into Scotty's.

After pausing to survey the snow below...

Sergey makes an impressive jump off the cornice.

Marc's turn.

He makes it look easy.

Looking up at the big Cornice Bowl drop and some random guy.

My right half.

Marc tearing it up.

A little mini-animation of Marc in the moguls.

Me making a traverse.

Marc again.

Marc cruising near the bottom of the mountain.

The sequence of events leading up to me landing off-balance and doing
multiple backflips before coming to rest.

Cruising the flats.

Marc and I met up with Amy and Kirk for one last run before calling it a day.

Marc heading down Cornice Bowl.

Negotiating the rocks under Chair 23.

Sergey, despite being cut off by a snowboarder, manages to get some good
air on the jump at the bottom of Chair 23.

After the traffic died down a bit, I hit the jump, too.

Marc doing the bumps.

Close-up shot (a bit too close, I suppose).

We tried to get a nice shot of a drop-in from below, but I screwed up the
timing of my jump, so here's a nice view of the deep blue skies we had all
day sunday.

Sergey's right arm and ski.

Marc licks his lips in anticipation of the soft snow that awaits.

I was a bit late trying to get Marc as he went by.

A close-up (once again, a bit too close) of me catching some air.

Jenia and Sergey, relaxing back at the condo.

The view from the condo toward Chair 9 and Chair 22, both closed for the season.

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