Dan and I headed to Mountain High for a nice day of spring skiing.
We tried to get some good jumping shots. We learned that action shots
are not easy.
And yeah, I know the "movies" aren't really movies, they're just gif
animations, but that's the best I could do with the camera.

Dan cruising the East Side at Mt. High on a nice spring day.

Dan jumping (movie, 9 frames).

Me cruising on the upper section.

A closeup of Dan's toeside carving technique.

Dan's jump, upper section

Not the best snow...

...but check out the blue skies.

Heading down the mountain (movie, 9 frames).

Dropping in by the bushes.

Check out this action shot of Dan on the upper section (movie, 9 frames).

A teaser...hahaha (movie, 9 frames).

Put the two togeter in reverse order for a nice effect (movie, 18 frames).

Looking down to the desert.

Big air on the upper jump.

Dan landing a jump on the final run of the day.

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