After the first substantial snowfall of the year, Marc and I headed to
Mountain High to ride some fresh powder.

Mount Baden-Powell now has a nice coating of white.

Olympic Bowl wasn't officially open, but we couldn't resist the powder.
Marc comes down through the almost untouched snow.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

My turn to give it a try.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Marc gives it another try.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

I drop in on the other side of the bowl.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Looking up at Olympic Bowl at lunch time.

Marc at the top of the bowl.

Seeking untouched powder on the edge of the bowl.

Time to give it a try. A bit rocky, but not too bad.

Coming down the center of the bowl, the snow was a bit nicer.

The view of Mt. Baldy from the top of the East Resort.

Zooming in a bit.

Marc coming down the bowl.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

My turn to brave the rocks and bushes.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Bushes are almost as much fun to ride on as snow.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Back to the warmth of the car.

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