With summer in full swing the crowds in the Ocean City area are getting out of hand.
Of course, everyone shows up between late morning and early afternoon. When we
showed up at Indian River Inlet at midnight there was just a small group of campers
hanging out on the beach and the occasional roaming police car.

With a full moon, no clouds, low tide, glassy surface, small waves, no wind, and
absolutely no crowds it turned out to be an incredible couple hours.

Erik and Jon on the beach.

Without the flash we see how dark it really was. With just the moon to illuminate us
I had to crank up the brightness and contrast after I took this one.

Even with "Photoshopping" there just wasn't enough light for this one.

Erik out in the water. Paddling out was pretty freaky. The water was black, and you
really couldn't see the waves coming in the darkness. The only indication that a wave
was coming was a band of darkness across the horizon that slowly got bigger.

Nancy waiting for a wave. The strange thing about the waves was that you couldn't
see how big they were. The small waves would approach as a small band of darkness in
the water and then get close enough to see. The big ones looked exactly the same,
except when you thought they should be close they kept growing. Eventually they
would break right on you.

Erik again. We had the waves to ourselves until we left around 2am.

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