Presidents Day in Northern California.

Griffin hanging out on the futon.

Griffin relaxing on the couch.

Griffin sharing the back seat with my snowboard, as we head home from the
Sacramento airport for the third time (#1: arrival, #2: failed luggage
pick-up, #3: cancelled flight home).

Griffin getting ready for sleep.

If only I hadn't pulled so far into the parking spot...or if I had just
kept a shovel in my trunk for these situations.

Doesn't look much better from this angle.

It doesn't look much better for anyone else, either.

After 20 minutes of digging and kicking, there was hope. Time to crawl
into the car through the trunk and see what happens.

Success! And a nice mold of the front of my car.

After another 10 minutes of spinning tires, rocking forwards and backwards,
some more digging, and help pushing from a guy down the row, the car was
totally free and ready to go.

Amazingly, I wasn't the only one free of the snow, but rush hour was but
a small problem at this point, one I would happily deal with.

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