Brett and I decided to hike the Palisades. It was a very exhausting day.
The hike in was not too bad until the trail ended. Then we scrambled over
rocks to get to the Palisade Glacier, just below the Palisade range
(including Thunderbolt Peak, Starlight Peak, North Palisade, Polemonium,
and Mt. Sill -- all taller than 14,000 ft). From there we climbed a steep
chute between Thunderbolt and Starlight and climbed on the rocks below the
summits of each. Here are some pictures of the peaks that Brett got while
we were there.

Starlight Peak, from the Thunderbolt Peak side of the notch.

Thunderbolt Peak from partway up the Starlight side.

Starlight Peak and part of the Palisade Glacier below it.

More Pictures