For Vince's birthday, we celebrated by kayaking on Santa Cruz Island. Some
of us went the night before and other arrived the next morning.

Pumping up the air mattress for our night on the island.

Heading out the next morning it was pretty cloudy.

Exploring under a nice arch.

Paul cruises in his one-man leaky kayak.

Looking back to the arch.

And on we go.

Gabe and Marc cruising on the flat sea.

Another nice arch.

No problem.

Marc and Gabe leading the way.

Paul getting a close-up view of the rocks and birds.

Those birds make quite a mess.

How did those sea lions get up there?.

Just hanging out on the cliffs.

Birds and sea lions were plentiful as we continued along the coast.

Paul moves in on the sea lions' territory as the big male barks hello.

On we go, toward China Bay.

Gabe and Marc exploring, looking for a place to eat lunch.

Paul playing near the rocks as the waves crash beside him.

Our landing site. After feasting on Marc's rice crackers, it's time for
some snorkeling.

Letting the sinking kayak drain a bit.

If you look closely, you can see a sea lion head (and tail slightly to the
left -- how can he stay afloat like that?) curiously watching me swimming.

A nice orange fish.

Some rocks.

Another (or maybe the same) orange fish.

This guy (in the lower right) was friendly. He swam right up to me.

Preparing to head back.

A perfectly intact shell that I found among all the broken rocks.

That should hold. Never underestimate the power of duct tape.

Gabe pushes Paul out to sea.

Then it's Marc and Gabe's turn.

We got some brief periods of sun, but it was mostly cloudy the whole day.

Paul paddles on.

Back to the arch.

It's easier when your kayak isn't taking on water.

A bird guarding his pile of rocks.

And oh what a pile it is.

A turkey or something on our way to get a nice view.

Two babies, too.

Looking out where we kayaked earlier.

It's a good drop from here.

Here comes the boat. Time to head back down and get aboard.

Looking down again.

Vince and friends.

Looking over toward Anacapa Island.

Looking inland toward the hills.

One last view to the west.

The dolphins are coming! There were at least 1000 of them playing as we
headed back to the mainland.

More dolphins.

A mega-pod in the distance.

A jumping dolphin.

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