Some pictures from the Caltech Alpine Club trip to Santa Cruz Island,
courtesy of Marc and Zander.

Leaving from Ventura, with all our gear ready to be loaded.

Our boat, the "Islander."

On the island, there was a "private residence" on the way to our campground
near our landing at Scorpion Cove.

Looking west from just east of the cove.

Looking down on the cove from the hills to the east.

Kayaking was a popular sport on this island.

The hike to Smuggler's Cove. Lot's of grass, and some old fences

Looking to the east, we see Anacapa Island in the distance and the
"airport" in the grass field.

Angie watches as Marc and Paul get flipped from their kayak by a big wave
in Smuggler's Cove.

Marc and Paul kayaked around the island while Angie and I hiked. We had
been watching the waves for awhile, but Marc and Paul never saw the wave

Going back out to sea to check out the dolphins.

This time, they guys stood up in the water and towed the kayak out. No
more flipping.

Back at our campsite. Looking from the "main" site to the "second" site.

Potato Harbor, west of our campsite.

Zander at Potato Harbor.

Pavel at Potato Harbor.

Zander climbing at Potato Harbor.

Pavel climbing at Potato Harbor.

Another view, courtesy of Zander.

This is how they loaded the kayaks back on the boat to take them to shore.

Looking to the east from Scorpion Cove, ready to take off. Smuggler's Cove
is maybe 3-4 miles along that coast.

You can't see them in the darkness of this picture, but there were a lot of
nice sea caves to explore along the coast.

Looking from our boat back to Scorpion Cove.

Now we're really cruising. The boat went pretty fast...

...but not so fast that the dolphins couldn't keep up. We passed through a
school of over 100 of them on the way back. They cruised along with us and
jumped out of the water in playful dolphin fashion.

I don't know how he did it, but Zander got this great shot of a dolphin
playing in the boat's wake.

Angie and I with the wind in our faces on the way back.

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