Brad and I headed over to "Wild West Virginia" to avoid being the next target of
the "Tarot Card Killer."
Where'd the city go? As nice a place as DC is, it's nice to get away once in
awhile to something totally different.

The back yard of the "secret navy base" cabin, looking out to a certain branch of
a certain fork of a certain river. I'd mention the names, but the guards (with
their very large guns) at the base probably wouldn't be too happy about it.

Griffin has been busy.

Seneca Rocks, from the parking lot.

Heading up the trail, we get a more picturesque view.

Some people cheated and took the pony express up the trail.

Brad enjoys the amazing nearly-360-degree view from the top.

Climbing up for a better view.

Surveying the valley below.

It's a bit of a drop on the east side.

A nice view to the east, looking through the summit rocks.

Looks like rain. Of course it actually did rain in the morning, so we were lucky
to get the "nice" weather we had.

The trees were trying to change (they made some progress over the weekend) but the
fall colors just weren't quite there yet.

Hey, look. More rocks!

A nice valley.

More rocks and valley.

The rock climbers' rock. We could look over to the other group of rocks (on the
right in the "picturesque" picture) but couldn't quite hike there.

Brad enjoys the view before we head back down.

The fading mountains.

We headed down the back side (the East Side) for a hike that turned out to be
nicer than the well-traveled West Side.

The bottom of the East Face Trail. I'm curious about the South End, though.

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