A trip to the biggest and best ski resort in the Southeastern US. With an
impressive 1500 ft. vertical, it's *the* place to ski in the Southeast.
Unfortunately, the weather was a bit warm (48 degrees saturday) so the
fresh snow from the recent storm system was turned to slush.

Norm at the top of Shay's Revenge, the steepest run at Snowshoe. Well,
*this* isn't the steep part -- the lower part is where it gets steep.

My turn for a picture.

Following Norm, we get a nice view of the valley.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Crossing under the lift near the top of Shay's.

Hitting the steep part. They claim 60% pitch -- if that means what I think
it means, that works out to about a 31 degree slope.

Down a little farther, looking over toward Cupp Run.

Looking down Lower Shay's, the "steep" part of Shay's.

Norm headed back, and I met up with a guy named John. After one run, it
became clear to both of us that we'd have to do some more runs together.
Here's John getting some air at the top of Cupp.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

My turn to fly (briefly).
(AVI, MPEG movie)

John navigating through the slowly moving human obstacles on the steep part
of Cupp. The guy in the red jacket (not John, the guy behind him) takes a
classic fall.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

John on Lower Shay's.

A statement more about the East Coast than happiness.

Sunday was pretty rough. Fog, rain, snow, freezing rain, and 29 degree
temperatures. We didn't stay out quite as long.

This is what it looks like when you snowboard down the bottom part of Cupp
Run while looking down at your board. Note the swerve at 18 seconds to
avoid the fallen skier.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

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