Back to Southern California for a few days, with some time to spare on the
weekend before getting down to work monday.

The plan for the morning was for Jay to fly me over LA, but with fog at
the airport, flying was out of the question for the morning. Strangely
enough, the rest of LA seemed to be sunny and hot. Paul, Jay and I hiked
up to Echo Mountain and discovered just how hot it was. Hiking up was not
easy. While the East Coast was only in the 50's, it seemed like 95 degrees
on the trail. Jay at the top, looking down toward JPL.

Paul looking over Pasadena and LA. After some time at the top, we decided
to run back down. This was a painful idea. It helped me to realize just
how much sitting at a desk can affect your body. My legs were sore for 5
full days after this hike, something that would have been a quick, easy
hike just a year ago.

The fog eventually cleared up and it was time to fly.

From the ground it seemed a little hazy, but in the air we saw just how
much smoke there was from all the fires in the LA area.

Taking off.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

(AVI, MPEG movie)

Looking down on a quarry. I didn't realize such things existed so nearby

Smoke drifting in from the mountains. The plume on the right was pretty

A close-up view of the San Gabriel foothills.

Looking back toward Mt. Wilson.

Another view of the quarry.

The runway at El Monte Airport.

Cats are really lazy.

Time to catch some classic San Onofre waves. Hiking down was fun,
especially with a backpack and two surfboards to carry down this slope.

Raevan getting the feel of the longboard. Someday, she'll be doing this
out on the ocean.

For now, she'll be on the shore waiting in her rashguard.

The view as I ride the whitewater in.

A video.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Jay, at the end of his ride. I was a bit slow starting the camera.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

Jay riding some waves.

I went out to catch a few, but the nice waves died down and a huge set came
through. Well, they weren't that huge, but they crashed pretty hard,
unlike the smaller sets earlier. Here I am getting pounded.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

I eventually just gave up and tried to ride the whitewater back in. My
tiredness made this more difficult than it should have been.
(AVI, MPEG movie)

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