Looking down on the Sorrento Palace (left) and Sorrento.

My wonderful, but small, room in the Palace.

Outside the Sorrento Palace, where ISIT 2000 was held.

Just inside, during a break in the talks.

Heading back to the conference after a nice lunch in Sorrento
with the Caltech guys and my friend Damianos from UMD.

The terrain near Sorrento reminded me a lot of SoCal, only steeper.

Mount Vesuvius, just across the bay.

Silvio showing me the way down to the Mediterranean Sea, through the
narrow alley. Luckily we didn't meet any cars.

Hanging' out on the ruins of the "Happy Happy Villa".

Nicondra, Silvio, and I on the ruins. A nice view of
Sorrento and the coast from the Villa.

There were some nice rocks just offshore.

The ol' swimmin' hole.

The walls were pretty steep...

...so we swam in this way.

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