Everyone says you can do it in California -- surf in the morning and ski in
the afternoon -- but until you actually do it, it's just an idea. So,
Marc, Ian, and I decided it was time to stop talking and take action. We
went with the Caltech Surf Club to San Onofre to do some surfing in the
morning, and then headed up to Mountain High to complete the day.

Ian and Marc, around 6am, with the surfboards, snowboard, and skis all
loaded on the car.

We got to San Onofre just before 8am, and Marc used his inventive surfboard
carrying technique to carry his board down to the beach.

Looking down the trail to the beach.

When we first got to the beach, the weather was beautiful, with a nice
warm breeze coming from land.

Unfortunately, the water was not so warm.

The waves were biggest when we first arrived, but that's not to say they
were big. Marc catches a nice one early in the day.

Just a little bit more and I would have had it.

Here's a little gif animation of me riding a little wave that I did catch.

By noon the waves had died down and Marc had caught up on enough sleep, so
it was time to head out.

Time to "surf" the mountains. After much talk about trying snowboarding,
Marc finally decided this was the day to do it.

Marc practicing his heelside in the beginner area.

Marc on toeside.

A close-up shot.

Just after a fall.

By the end of the night, Marc was linking his turns and heading down the
blues with no trouble.

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