After 6 inches of snow in DC, I thought that the local ski resorts would
certainly have more. Driving to Pennsylvania, my doubts were mounting as
the snow coverage got thinner and thinner. At Whitetail, there were only
a couple inches of new snow. It was enough for a good day of snowboarding.

Rich near the top of the intermediate lift. I can see why people work for
ski safety. You get to cut lines (which were quite long, after the fresh
snow on friday), ski free, and wear the surprisingly popular yellow jacket.

Looking down the other direction to the beginner lift.

There was a huge pile of snow at the top of the expert lift. Climbing on
top of it gave this nice view. After I took the picture the ski safety
people made me get down, but I wasn't allowed to snowboard down (huh???).
These East Coast policies can get a little crazy sometimes.

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