Testing out the new digital camera at Christmas.
The tree.

The wonderful quiltwork.

Kitten in her favorite chair.

Random Andover picture.

Another random Andover picture.

Yet another.

Coming up on Downtown Andover.

Main and Elm.

Cruising by the downtown shops.

More shops.

The PA clock tower.

These might make good Christmas trees someday.

Sleepy cat.

Sleepy cat waking up.

Sleepy cat somewhat awake.

Sleepy cat cleaning up.

Animation of sleepy cat cleaning up.

The sun setting in the woods behind the house.

Looking north on the old dirt road.

A panoramic pic of the woods. This is a huge picture (6615 by 715 pixels).
It's only 384 KB, though.

More woods to the west.

It's colorful, but it's no sundog.

Looking south on the old dirt road.

Heading back to the house.

"Papa Giamo" and his lights.

The backside of the house.

Rog's new car.

Kitten on the chair.

Playing with the red feather.

Quilting and playing piano.

Kitten roaming in her domain.

Cat in a box.

Flying into Chicago as the sun rises.

Flying over one of the Great Lakes as the moon sets.

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