Interview Season

From the beginning of March to the end of April, I was interviewing for faculty positions. Here are the statements that I prepared and slides for the talk that I gave:

I had 11 interviews and received 11 offers. Of these, I chose the University of Minnesota. (I was called for 5 more interviews, but declined these.) 

Interviews (and offers):
Univ. of Minnesota March 3
Univ. of Utah March 10, 11
Case Western Reserve Univ. March 15
Univ. of Connecticut March 21
Univ. of Rochester March 23
Univ. of British Columbia March 29
Washington State Univ. March 31
Arizona State Univ. April 4
Univ. of Waterloo April 11, 12
Purdue Univ. April 13, 14
Univ. of Montreal (Ecole Polytechnique) April 19
Interviews that I declined after accepting the offer from Minnesota:
Washington Univ. in St. Louis April 22
Univ. of Southern California April 28
UC San Diego May 2
Univ. of Virginia no date set
Oregon State Univ. no date set