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Research Interests

Codes for Storage Applications

Network Coding

List Decoding

Algebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory

Research Adviser

Jehoshua (Shuki) Bruck



Formerly at

Yuval Cassuto

Graduate Research Fellow, Doctoral Candidate

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Department of Electrical Engineering

Distributed Information Systems Laboratory

My research advances about the thin line between theory and practice. At occasions, it ventures more deeply into either territory, but always maintaining eye contact with the opposite side.

More specifically, I am interested in constructing and analyzing codes for various, some novel, failure/error models, that are motivated by storage applications.

I am also interested in decoding algorithms for error-correcting codes, especially list decoders. Both the theoretical decodability of general codes and efficient list decoders for specific (e.g Reed-Solomon) codes share my involvement.

Dispersal and manipulation of information in networks is another area within my interests. I study the achievability of, and in particular, efficiently achievable, communication rates in networks, through network coding.